Due to high demand the longest waiting time for treatment at Vogur, the leading detoxification center in Iceland, last year was over 300 days. This means that those who have made the valiant effort to seek rehabilitation are left with little to no help during the wait and subsequently no healing regardless of their brave efforts. Therefore, it is extremely important to improve service for patients that struggle with this severe disease.


Electra uses tasks, goals, planning and more to help you get sober. In addition, it helps to prepare for other kinds of treatments or help to continue the sobriety after the detoxification process. Electra allows you to keep track of your progress in small measurable steps by tracking goals and allowing the post-rehabilitation patient one day at a time. This program is focused on customizing its services and help to the specific needs of the patient and keeps the user motivated while achieving their goals.


Our Team

About Us

Our team consists of 3 newly graduated students in industrial engineering from the University of Iceland and a computer science student from Reykavík University. Our team has a passion for the community and fellow citizens. Sobriety should be a path anyone can set out on, one in which they have the tools and means to find long term success.

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